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Technical Support

Professional website and online store technical support.

  1. Do you often wonder how to deal with another problem on your website or online store?
  2. Tired of searching through acquaintances, groups, forums, and more. social networks a reliable and good partner you can count on?
  3. Are you wasting time and money on another business consultation to repeat the same problems and get no answers or solutions?

 We are confident that we have the perfect solutions for you. 

Our long-term vision lies in creating long-term partnerships with our clients and colleagues. We know that they are created when there is a correct, timely, and professional working relationship. & Nbsp;

We are perfectionists, with a great desire to transfer knowledge and skills to the online market in Bulgaria. To be able to help all traders with desire and motivation for development in our country.

We approach each business individually, fully understand your business idea and develop it together. We treat each of our projects as our own.

We are experts in the WordPress Development and OpenCart Development.

From our many years of experience with clients, we are prepared for any problems.

If you have decided that we are the ideal digital partner for your business, do not hesitate to contact us.

Website support

Website technical support includes daily care for the technical condition of your business.

The first and most important thing to know is the current state of the website. Let's make an in-depth technical analysis of the structure, design, and functionalities.

The most important tools that will help us fully understand the status of the website is:

  • SerpStat for current Google keyword positions
  • Web Developer Tools provided by Google Chrome, with detailed information about all scripts and participating codes on your website
  • Hosting account and server-level settings
  • Google Analytics to explore the overall performance of the site
  • Google Page Speed for loading speed
  • Technical Analyzer like Google Search Console

With their help, we will find out everything about your website - which are your most visited pages, how fast they loaded over time, what practices were followed or violated. After the technical audit, we will have a full report on the status of your website and the need to redesign existing functionalities. We are adding our best defense practices against hacker attacks.

Online store support

Online store support is critical to the smooth running of your business.

A problem or sudden shutdown of the basic functionality in the online store would make it impossible to use it.

Online stores have many complex algorithmic processes that could cause delays or malfunctions in pricing, a problem with product visualization, adding a product to the cart, and worst of all, preventing an order from being finalized.

If your online store contains many active products and categories, they certainly reflect the way it works. The more there are, the greater the risk of product search delays, category visualization, category filtering, or other basic functionality.

As the traffic to the store increases, new problem units are created, which can lead to serious difficulties with the operations that are performed and prevent the work of both users and administrators of the store.

Common issues and need for maintenance

There are a variety of issues that can cause you to need website support or online store support. Often the problems are major and affect the majority of traders.

  • Protection against hacker or targeted attacks
  • Administer a website, add, process, or remove information
  • Remove injected malicious code (most commonly from Nulled themes or extensions)
  • Update platform code or functionality
  • Improve speed or find a reason for slowing down the correct loading of the page
  • Optimize and follow recommended practices from Google Page Speed ​​Insights
  • Follow basic and other Google Search Console practices
  • Optimize hosting and server configurations for better server performance
  • Calculate and manage server resources to avoid crashes
  • Preparing and auditing the website or online store before launching an advertising campaign
  • Manage, create, remove emails and spam protection
  • Get summary information on best practices for the overall development
  • Needs for automated processes and integration of external tools

In case you have a specific online business and you want us to prepare an individual support plan, do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

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