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Ecommerce development

We offer professional development of online stores and technical support.

If you are looking for the perfect partner for the development and creation of your online store - then you are in the right place. We offer comprehensive solutions for both starting and advanced traders! Our mission is to present your business in the best possible way and to ensure a successful online presence.


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We have created our modified and improved version of the OpenCart platform, with many additional functionalities. Optimized for maximum convenience for both users and administrators.

We offer the creation of any type of online store - with numerous automated processes and seamless operation with a huge database of products or categories.

  • Retail sales to end customers (B2C)
  • Additional functions for wholesale traders and distributors (B2B)
  • Simplified and x10 accelerated process for expansion abroad
  • Unlimited languages and professional translations

Check out the full list of functionalities and capabilities of the platform on the page below.

Do you already have an existing online store?

Do you need a migration of your current store? We can help you. Contact us for a free consultation and in-depth audit to prepare an offer.

Security for your online business

Fast and easy product upload. Easy administration of the online store and ready-made business solutions. A huge set of automated processes that will save months of work.

The technical part will be easier than ever, allowing you to focus on the most important part of any online store - customer service and order processing.

  • Free bug fixing guarantee for 6 months
  • The latest techniques for On-Page SEO optimization
  • Monitoring of server resources and trouble-free operation
  • Closed group for customers with access to useful resources
  • Consultation by email and phone for implementing improvements
  • Partners for advertising on social networks (Facebook, Google Ads)

Learn more about online store maintenance

Process of creating an online store

A well-established process for creating an online store - from concept to completion. Our know-how and collaboration will lay the best foundation for your online business and ensure secure growth and development in the desired direction.

Brainstorm Creative

  • Introduction to business concept
  • Discussion and creation of strategy
  • Market research and analysis of direct competitors
  • Investigation of key market keywords
  • Identification of target audience
  • Discussion of website skeleton (Wireframe)
  • Planning and responsibilities development
  • Task allocation and starting work

eCommerce development

  • Assistance with domain registration (if needed)
  • Preparation or purchase of hosting environment
  • Configuration and setup of PHP version
  • Installation of latest version of WordPress
  • Creation and optimization of MySQL database
  • Installation of SSL certificate (Let's Encrypt)
  • Configuration of redirection from http to https
  • Adding Start package for WordPress

Design and navigation

  • Purchase, installation, and configuration of theme
  • Selection of color palette based on branding
  • Addition of appropriate Google fonts
  • Association of logo in SVG format and favicon
  • Design and personalization of navigation
  • Styling of all views according to category
  • Implementation of all functionalities
  • Configuration for integration of modules

Content creation

  • Coding and creation of structure
  • Addition of content to all views
  • Formatting of received content
  • Completion of legal pages through templates
  • Addition of effects, videos, or images
  • Configuration of emails and contact forms
  • Display of cookie notice
  • Social media buttons

Starting On-Page SEO

  • Creation of semantics through H1-H3 headings
  • Addition of creative and optimized texts
  • Alt and Title for all images
  • Transliteration of page URLs (SEO-Friendly)
  • Configuration of plugins to improve SEO
  • Removal of /category/ and prefix from URL records
  • Configuration of OpenGraph for social media
  • Creation of XML Sitemap
  • Creation of Robots.txt file
  • Removal of duplicate pages
  • Addition of website to Google Search Console

Protection and Performance

  • Optimizing the database from MySQL to InnoDB
  • Adding a caching module for pages and queries
  • Optimizing images for Google
  • Configuring and adding directives to .htaccess
  • Adding deferred loading for images
  • Compression of JavaScript and CSS
  • Adding additional HTTP headers for security
  • Setting up responsive versions for mobile devices
  • Preventing attacks from malicious bots
  • Limiting login attempts
  • Anti-spam in comments using Google Captcha

Bonus to the project

  • Video training with a recording on YouTube
  • Advanced know-how for project development
  • Adding Google Analytics 4
  • Setting up and verifying Facebook Pixel
  • AutoSEO configuration for easier optimization
  • Adding a package for Performance for the administrator
  • Adding Rich Snippet and FAQ snippets

Warranty and support

  • Assistance with WordPress administration
  • Addition of new functionalities or languages
  • Monitoring of server hosting resources
  • Free elimination of visual inconsistencies
  • Implementation of additional marketing tools
  • Paid additional individual training
  • Assistance with email administration and filters

Why OpenCart for an online store

1/4 of all online stores in Bulgaria

OpenCart is one of the most widely used platforms for creating an online store in Bulgaria. In addition to a perfect balance between price and quality, the platform offers convenience for both customers and administrators of the online store.

This popular platform offers many built-in add-ons that can be easily integrated into any online store. The OpenCart community takes care of updating and improving the OpenCart code on a daily basis.

According to the statistics of e-commerce platforms in Bulgaria, OpenCart ranks second with nearly 1/4 of the market share of e-commerce platforms.

Included functionalities

  • Automatic image resizing
  • GDPR package and automated processes for clients
  • Simplified OnePageCheckout page for customer orders
  • Export and import of products in Excel, CSV, XML
  • Convenient and easy-to-use administrator interface
  • 301 redirect manager
  • Mass automatic sales based on category
  • Recently viewed products
  • IP localization and automatic language and currency change
  • Pop-ups and notification bars
  • Inventory management and inventory status
  • Calculation of tax bases and product variants
  • Tool for analyzing and removing unnecessary images
  • Unlimited currencies (BGN, EUR, USD, LEI, RUB, etc.)
  • Unlimited product features with filters to them
  • Unlimited filters in product categories
  • Product promotion timer
  • Unlimited automated product stickers
  • Additional information blocks in products
  • Automatic similar products by multiple logics
  • List of favorite products and saving products to account
  • Export of email subscribers in XLSX or CSV format
  • Mass generation of SEO meta titles and descriptions
  • Quick editing of products in administration
  • Page with all brands and descriptions for each of them
  • Product reviews with SEO Rich Snippet schema for Google
  • Automatic carousels with most viewed products
  • Automatic carousels with best-selling products
  • Automatic carousels with recommended products
  • Administrator reports total sales
  • Administrator reports most searched products
  • Administrator reports number of orders
  • Unlimited customer groups (Retail, Wholesale, VIP, 10%)
  • Access rights by department (Sales, Moderators, etc.)
  • Unlimited contact forms
  • Blog section for articles or news organized by categories
  • Unlimited photo galleries
  • Unlimited information pages
  • Unlimited discount codes
  • Multiple combinations and logic for promotions

Prices for creating an online store

The price for developing an online store depends on the needs of your project. We offer a variety of plans that meet different types of needs. From basic packages to personalized solutions, the plans are designed to fit different budgets and requirements while providing high-quality services and optimal value for your investment.
SILVER online store**
Suitable for  Online stores with up to 300 products or up to 100 categories.
Brainstorm Creative
Website base
Design and navigation
Content addition
Initial On-Page SEO
Protection and acceleration
Bonus to project
Guarantee and support
from 550 EUR without VAT

**Contact us for a personalized offer based on your specific needs.

GOLD online store**
Suitable for  Online stores with up to 1000 products or 200 categories.
Brainstorm Creative
Website foundation
Design and navigation
Content addition
Initial On-Page SEO
Protection and acceleration
Project bonus
Guarantee and support
from900 EUR excl. VAT

**Contact us for an individual offer, based on your specific needs.

PLATINUM online store**
Suitable for  Online stores with over 1000 products or over 300 categories.
Brainstorm Creative
Web site foundation
Design and navigation
Content addition
Start of On-Page SEO
Protection and acceleration
Project bonus
Guarantee and support
from1200 EUR without VAT

**Contact us to get an individual offer based on your specific needs.

Last projects

We constantly strive to achieve maximum results for our clients. We focus on easy and intuitive UX design, high CTR, and successful conversions to achieve and surpass the goals we have set for ourselves.
Platform: OpenCart Year: 2023
The Complex "Dimina" is located in the village of Voneshta Voda, which is well-known for its mineral springs and their healing properties, particularly for balneotherapy.
$ 0.00
Platform: OpenCart Year: 2023
Agroapteka BG offers everything for the garden - seeds, fertilizers, pesticides. poisons for rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs and other repellents.
$ 0.00
Platform: OpenCart Year: 2023
Sale and installation of video surveillance. Sale of solar lighting, auto electronics and home appliances.
$ 0.00

Opinions and recommendations from customers

Behind every successful project lies good teamwork. We thank all our friends, customers, and partners for their support, fun moments, and overcoming difficulties from our joint work.

Do you want to discuss your project?

If you need an online store with specific functionalities, contact us for a free consultation.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the deadlines for creating an online store?

The deadline for each service provided by us is calculated individually for each project or task. Most projects are completed within 10 to 30 business days.

Do you offer integration with dropshipping suppliers?

Yes, we offer integrations and ready-made solutions for various dropshipping suppliers. In order to send you an offer and proposal, we will need more information about each supplier. After analyzing the information and sample files, we will contact you.

Can I get a quote for a task?

Yes, if you have a ready-written task or have liked another sample online store, send us an inquiry with more information. After researching and evaluating the project, you will receive a price proposal and deadline for completion.

Can a language be added at any time?

Yes, we have the ability to upgrade the platform with additional languages or functionalities whenever you wish. The initial package for creating an online store is designed for maximum flexibility in subsequent development of the store.

✅ Deadlines:From 7 days to 30 days
✅ Speed:Loading under 3 seconds
✅ Design:Suitable for the project
✅ Optimization:SEO On-Page
✅ Consultation:Free 

Of all the customer reviews for online store development - this service has an average rating of 5 / 55 star rating based on the opinions of 22 customers.

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