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Platform: WordPress Year: 2023
Specialized in the voltage class up to 400 kV, they offer design and production of transformer substations CTS.
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Platform: WordPress Year: 2021
7x21 Residence is built of the highest quality construction materials and expert construction and installation activities.
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Platform: OpenCart Year: 2020
Their rich portfolio of sunglasses and prescription glasses consists of 47 famous brands, with main activity import and trade.
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Platform: WordPress Year: 2020
They offer design and construction of power supplies, electrical installations, delivery and installation of electrical facilities and equipment.
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Platform: OpenCart Year: 2019
Ready to present business and personal success. Chepov Design Studio - studio for interior and product design.
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Platform: WordPress Year: 2016
Energy paintings, influencing with their colors. Nina Atanasova is an artist who has developed a new methodology.
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