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Online store for women bags

Online store for women bags
Online store for women bags
Online store for women bags
Online store for women bags
Online store for women bags
Online store for women bags
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  • Year of development : 2020
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About the project

Complete redesign of an existing business and change of structure, SEO Optimization and marketing.

LORETTA is a Bulgarian brand specializing in the production and trade of leather goods. The brand offers mainly original models of women's bags and accessories made of natural and eco leather. The brand's stores are represented locally mainly on our Black Sea coast, but they can now delight their online customers as well.


The desire of Loretta's team was to present their products online through a modern and functional design, built on the accent and recognizable colors of the brand.


We have reviewed and created a new category structure, with the leading motive being the better organic positioning of the online store on Google. With them and with the newly created filters, we managed to achieve better navigation for users. We've added a quick product search box with a prediction when you spell the word.


We have developed a new marketing strategy with a focus on the first step - expanding the audience of customers and the second step (in progress) - creating loyal groups of customers to receive incentives to buy.

Technical characteristics

We have created a convenient administration according to the needs of the business. Automated processes for uploading new products that make it easier for the team. Automatic calculation of delivery amount based on contractual relationship with courier. Automatic notification by e-mail to the client, containing a bill of lading number and a tracking link. Convenient and fast order page in a few steps. Option to select a courier office from the drop-down menu.

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