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Yes, if you do not like or understand the technical aspects and require professional advice, don't worry - we will assist you.

Apart from offering professional services, we evaluate each project or service as accurately as possible. We tailor each proposal to the project's needs, and it's usually sent within 48 hours, depending on the project's complexity.

The terms of reference are an informative document that acquaints us with project specifics such as navigation menus, the type or number of products or services, additional pages, integration with external tools or software, sample functionalities from other websites or online stores, and necessary features to perform specific business processes.

Building a website or online store is a collaborative process between both parties. Although our work process is usually standard, it depends on the level of preparation of our clients and partners. 

  1. Consultation and discussion
  2. Market and competitor analysis
  3. Strategy building
  4. Web design and programming
  5. Efficiency measurement.

The deadline for each service we provide is calculated individually for each project or task. Most projects are completed within a timeframe of 10 business days to 30 business days.

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